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My second Flash music video, once again for the brilliant hip hop trio known as Ugly Duckling, this time for a track from their new album, "Bang for the Buck" - "Left Behind".

This one has a very different visual style from my clip for "La Revolucion", and was made at 20fps to keep up with the pace of the song. A lot of stuff happens very quickly in this clip, so you may want to watch it twice, just to see if there's anything you've missed!

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A very good music video to the best band around.

Being a huge fan of UD, I found it quite surprising that someone has made a flash music video of the band. From what I have experienced, it is very hard to find anyone who has heard of Ugly Duckling, let alone express themselves on Flash media one of their songs. So I tip my hat to you for having a good music taste.

However it is best now to actually review your music video "Left Behind".

Graphics - Thought it was pretty good, but not wholly amazing. The likeness of the trio were pretty much like themselves in a way. I am not sure about Dizzy's shirt, but that is due to my music indifference to Black Eyed Peas. (I am assuming that is what it represents)

Style - I like the concept that the guys are walking down the street and experiencing their lyrics as they pound the asphalt. It was pretty good on that aspect.

Sound - The sounds was pretty crystal clear. Since I have heard of the band and love what they play, I am pretty biased on my ratings for this.

Violence - None watsoever, unless you want to mention about the production of a bomb by Dizzy Dustin and an altercation with Dizzy Dustin and unknown dude. But that is part of the lyrics and if one listens to it, it does not represent any kind of violence.

Interactivity - There is no interactivity apart from the play button. That is why I am giving you the rating one.

Humor - It is not exactly funny, but there were nodding of approval moments.

In conclusion, I liked it alot and I think you have a future in the world of Flash making. Hope you make more music videos of UD. If you take requests, can I recommend Yudee!, Slow The Flow (I know they have a music video of that), Potty Mouth, Turn It Up, Mr Tough Guy and A Little Samba.

Looking forward to your next installment of Flash.


kennsj responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the clip.

A few clarifications:

The t-shirt Dizzy is wearing has a Blown Celeb logo on it. That's a side project of his, with his friend Swiss Precise...

The "unknown dude" is Heavy D. - Google him.

My first music video Flash, UD's "La Revolucion" was purely an expression of my admiration for their music. This one, though, was pretty much made at their request.

A still from the animation has now also been used for the cover art on the 12" single of a "Left Behind" remix (Japan-only release)...
http://www.handcuts.com/disc/ index.php?no=148

I won't be making any more UD Flash clips. At least not until their next album, if in fact they're interested in having me make one.

I do these music videos freelance, as a supplementary source of income. Please check out the rest of my work here on Newgrounds.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review!

Gold found.

Always finding the great songs to make into videos...I don't know how you do it.

Graphics- The graphics were well placed, although not next-gen. I gave them an 8, as I saw room for improvement, but also noted that they were well above par.

Style- The beats, the animations, the tie-ins; all synched up perfectly.

Sound- Although the song deserved a 10, the sound was a bit muffled, leaving only an 8 behind.

Violence- I really didn't think this was an applicable catagory here.

Interactivity- Nor here.

Humor- The humor was fine, but this was not a laugh-riot. As it was a music-video, this was to be expected.

Over all, this title is worth checking out, and possibly even saving to an artist/flash list you have.

kennsj responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful, detailed feedback. I appreciate you taking the time.

I agree that there is room for improvement with the graphics here. I feel like I'm getting there, but there's always something that makes you cringe when you watch your own work back...


Sorry this is a little late. I went through my reviews and saw yours from the La Revolution, and remembered you were making another. Again, I enjoyed this one. So keep going, and don't miss a beat...Or you will get Left Behind (^^ couldn't help myself).

kennsj responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review once again, and for the encouragement! Just started my next project, so, as before, please check back on me in about a month's time!

Gangster shit

Haha, that was pretty cool. I've seen several flashes focusing on music videos, but this one may end up standing out in my memory. It was a very interesting song, and I can't say that i'd actually heard of it before. But i'm sure you weren't counting on it. It's obvious that you chose a song that you really like, because it shows in the effort put into this.

The graphics were good, but i've seen a lot better. The drawings were done quite well, but sometimes it felt as if the backround was moving rather jerkily. Plus the animation was decent, and it didn't really have a whole lot of realism to it. Your style is pretty unique, and I always find myself saying so about the flashes I watch. You picked one gangster ass song, and you did a brilliant job of encorperating the lyrics with the flash. The combination actually made it feel as if it were the actual music video, assuming you didn't just steal the ideas from what was their actual music video.

The sound, as I said before, was gangster. I mean, two guys rapping about random shit, it was pretty cool. I don't know if you got a bunch of reviews saying how "gay" rap is or not, but these people have got to appreciate the rhyme scheme the artists made. There was a bit of violence, but I didn't see any heads flying. It wouldn't have suited the flash anyways.

All in all, great work. You managed to make a music video for a very abstract song, and the flash worked perfectly. It added great humor with the lyrics, and to see the words carried out into pictures was cool. Fantastic work.


kennsj responds:

Thanks for the carefully thought-out feedback, Canas! I appreciate your comments.

This time, I've only had the one review from someone who didn't like the song, presumably because it's hip hop. Ugly Duckling are amazing artists, though, and this is a stand-out track, as you say.

The clip was made with the full knowledge, approval and encouragment of the guys from Ugly Duckling. The reason you wouldn't have heard the song is that they're essentially underground, and the album from which this track's taken is not yet out in the States (slated to drop in January, from what I hear). They toured here in Australia last month, though, and I picked up a copy then!

If you want to hear more of their work, you might like to start with my first Flash music video, "La Revolucion" - another UD joint, also hosted here at Newgrounds.

I appreciate that you use the word "gangster" to mean cool, but these guys are strictly anti-"gangsta" rap. Have a look at "La Revolucion", and you'll see what I mean!

It's a huge compliment for you to say this Flash looks like "the actual music video" - I'm hoping Ugly Duckling decide to use it as such. At the very least, it'll be a feature of their redesigned website, once that's finished.

So far, they've got one video made to promote this album, for a track entitled "Smack". Check out the Media section at www.blownceleb.com if you want to have a look.

Once again, thanks for the thoughtful review! I plan to keep working hard to improve my visuals and animation, so watch this space and let me know what you think of my next submission!

love of music.

who will win, I ask the qusetion. but a tie? all well. good video and music!

kennsj responds:

Wow! That's a lot of 10s! Thanks for that.

Hey, you're from Long Beach. Ugly Duckling are from Long Beach. You should check them out live some time!

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2005
2:13 PM EDT
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