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Music is the universal language.

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I'm surprised i remembered the name to find this after so long

15 years later, looking back, this video inspired me to start working on animation. I thought it was only for highly trained adults when I was a kid. It made me realize that it's about breaking this complex task down into simpler parts. Thank you so much for this video. It's emotional in so many ways. I am not a professional animator now but I have done some game development on and off through the years which is made possible by at least some animating capabilities I have from this inspiration <3

Even after all these years, I still love this

Dang, the animation was so beautiful! I just love seeing stuff from all the over world. I admit it was kind of weird to use those song, but I still loved this. Doesn't a lot of stuff come from Japan? Those count as stuff from the far East too. I just love how these characters move.

I'm glad it wasn't just one song. Britney Spears for the entirety of something this nice is weird. I didn't know Eminem made a remix of the song. I'd like to know the original singer. The colors are so bright and distinct.

Hahahah, 2005... epic epicness !!