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Teddy and Toaster ep.4

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Fourth episode of Teddy and Toaster.
Be gentle.

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that was cool

episodes 3 and 4 have been cool but they were not as randomly funny as the first 2 but they were still rather humourous.

muppetmaster responds:

Thanks, I kind of changed my ideas because of what some other NG users said about the first two episodes.

I wasn't going to leave a review.

But after reading some of the other reviews, I thought i'd spill a thought or two.

Personaly, i like these animations of yours, Yes they're extremely short, which is a bit annoying, but i'd be lying if i said it actually annoyed me.

But, just for the sake of making people like me super happy, I say you should do these in like little collabs, 5 at a time if you catch my meaning? It could be sweet, nice layout, a choice of 5 new teddy 'n' toaster animations, perhaps a little writing by yourself... you've got the ability to do something sweet and original, and yet you're wasting it on these "one liners" so to speak.

I see good things for you man, And i know you can do better, simply by doing the exact same thing you've been doing. just gold off on the uploads, stick a few episodes into one file, and then come back here, i'll be 5'ing you all the way then man.

muppetmaster responds:

Take note NG users, that is constructive criticism.

Again, short. :|

Again, nice graphics of the characters. The sound, it's just Toaster's voice. This episode, short and it was a bit boring. Just mainly Toaster poking Teddy and Toaster talking. Meh. Again, another episode that could've been longer or have more than one episode in one flash.



i can see you have potential and if you tried you could probably go quite far....but to put it bluntly....this is crap and should be blammed...but just trie a lot harder put a plot behind it and a background with other characters get better synch and then you will probably make it to a front page :)

muppetmaster responds:

Hmm, it should be that you shouldn't be able to review until you have atleast one flash in the portal.

What the heck...

This one was as gay if not gayer than the first 3... my suggestion..stop making them

muppetmaster responds:

Show me the flash under your name.