Pumpkin Dress-Up 2005

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-1st project ever
-Time Taken: off/on for about a month
-Only spent time learning flash: about a month

Hell, I know its not great but we all have to start off somewhere.

Happy Halloween 2005 Newgrounds! (please don't give a low score just based on that there isnt a nudity or that you just don't like dress-ups) Enjoi!

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Has potential

Now This had its good and bad parts. But for a game it was alright, For the most part, the good outweighed the bad, so it was an game I would recommend. It was a simple game but still entertaining and somewhat impressive. This one has lots of potential but you did not push the limits or the creative skills forward, and with a pumnkin you could have done so much with this one, the backround changer was a nice effect but you only had three backrounds, you should have had more then just 3, atleast 5 or six would sufice. The "GRAPHICS" was so-so could be better with some more shading and small details to give it a more detailed look, maybe even some dark elements to give it the feel of halloween and such. I like that this Submission was easy to understand,and yet very interesting, not to mention entertaining, Everything worked out great, and had a nice look and overall design. I also Think some things could be possibly better, but i will get more into that a bit later.but its nothing more then a few small details.

This was actually not bad, but could use a few things, to spice it up somewhat, so below i have suggested some good things and advice some new ideas and even some old ideas. at least think about them. The backround changer was decent but needed more backrounds then the three you have, needs more detail maybe some shade work for more detail all around, alsomore of a dark feel aswell.

ummmmmmmmmm............ good for a............

5 year old wtf this is shit dude blam this piece of crap

ExtraLife responds:


I'm glad you didn't delete it...

This is one of the best dress-up games ever... Mainly because it has no nudity. The graphics are great, espicaily for a beginner, and the movie clip, moving arms, are really cool. 5/5 For sure. Ever think about a follow up? :D


ExtraLife responds:

thanks man

good idea

It's a good idea but you do need more stuff. I like the creepy little song.

I wonder if anyone will make a christmas tree dress up. Yay christmas trees!

Neat ! Dress up a nude!

Sad, Pumpkins are so fun to dress up, make a new version with more things to do (props, hats,suits, backgrounds, songs,etc), maybe even with a minigame.Piece of advice: Don't update this, just submit a new, better one.

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2.82 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2005
9:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up