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This is my first animation I have posted on Newgrounds!

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pretty good. it kinda falls a little short towards the end though (just like mine do) lol. you should check out stretchy man (i made it) : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634075 :) like this btw.

I could've done way better

Oh wait, no I couldn't. S'alright for a first flash. You owe me for this 8 though.

A-Wahl responds:

Again, no I don't. But thanks for trying!

Just revewing for fun.

Hey A-Wahl its me Adrian(Adat) nice flash movie, Im just reviewing for fun and cuz its funny, well atleast it makes me laff.

A-Wahl responds:

Hey dude thanks for reviewing my movie!

Good for your first flash on newgrounds

I liked it I didn't think it was hilarious and it reminded me of some other animation on a different site but I can't remember what.

A-Wahl responds:



This is like Homestar, like the previous review stated, but I liked it. It was nice. And really nice graphics, it looks like alot of effort has been put into this, and your first Flash? Really?! Wow!

The sound quality was really nice, did you record the voices? The sound effects were also good quality too. The sub-titles were good too; just to have it that 'cartoon' style, however, most of the voices sounded the same (same character, present..). I liked it how you added echoe's too on that scene, was that inside or out-side Flash?

Really random, with that 'I' thing too. Real nice touch. And a remix of the simpons out-tune? Haha great.

I cannot really believe this was your first Flash, it was really nice, and I think you need.. wait no, you must submit more. Make it real funny, team up with some writers, and seriously.. you could go far. I like it how you have spent time and effort on this, which is always a good sign.

I hope to see more from you. Whenever, sooner.. or later. I'd rather you spent your time working on it. :)

A-Wahl responds:

Aw, man, god bless. This is by far the best review iv'e gotten yet! Thanx so much for the feedback! Anyways I am making another flash which I like to call: "The Worst Times" where two guys are talking about the worst things that have ever happened to them. Again, thanx!:P

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3.38 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2005
8:23 PM EDT
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