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Ragnarok - Dojo WOE

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Author Comments

I started to make this flash for the ro movie contest but got caught up doing other things and could not finish in time. Had to lower the quality and content considerably to meet the 5meg limit for newgrounds. I was almost finished with it then..OH damn here comes hurricane Rita. Our town of Lake Charles, La. is pretty messed up right now, but I thank those that are helping us move on and rebuild. I didn't evac for the storm, so I thank God that I am still alive. ^^

10-25-05 - Fixed the problem in masa's segment...also solved a little slow down in aeda's as well...Half ass fixed some typos I had too ;p

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GenShiro represents the inception of Ragnarok Online's fighting academy, and the source CAN ONLY be found on Newgrounds.

If not for Hurricane Rita, this legacy would have continued, but after experiencing Hurricane Harvey myself, its ignited a new passion in me and many others. Keep the torch going. We're not just weebs, we're young men going forth to become legends!

Egoraptor always said, "I can never do this without the fans."

Now is the time.

This video got me through some very rough times in my life sir. Exceptional work, and I hope you keep it up in the future. You have some real talent.

P.S. For those who want to know the song title, it's
You'll Be Under My Wheels by The Prodigy.

Epicness ^__^ that was oneof the best ones i've seen


hunters and knights are a pretty popular job i see

Makes me miss iRO

Haha it does remind me alot of WoE. All its missing is a wizard/hwiz. I had a wiz. One time I took a sinx and a champ on my own. Fire Pillar and Water Ball ftw. <3 Really miss the old days. iRO back in 06. <3