Rushing Stars

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Flash# 4
The sun stops shining. How can mankind be saved?
I hope you like this one. I've been working on it since April this year, and I think I've improved my skills on making it. I believe you can notice some evolution from the beginning to the end of it. Reviews!!

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creative, funny, dinamic amazing animation... i'm a big fan of this piece for a long time !

Dasneviano responds:

Valeu truta!! :D

Not bad

First it was a great idea for a flash nice job. Not my favorite of your work you have yet to match your past work. Some things that I would like to talk to you about first off is your character drawings. They're really lacking I know drawings on a flash is harder than on a piece of paper, but there isn't much you can do unless you want to buy all this hardware, but enough about that I'm getting off track here. Some of the things could have been drawn better like the drill, and the high speed event when he was flying through space. Other than that I think it was a clever idea. One thing that doesn't fit well with reality, well first you could never turn earth into a car, but when the earth dodged a meteor a car rose up then crashed back down and blew up. Now that would never happen do to the a thing I like to call "gravity", but it's your flash not mine so. It basically is what would happen if the world was going to end people would start to get scared and there would be an old guy holding a sigh say "repent" hey my names repent nice. I lost my thought so I'm going to wrap this up with a thumbs up and can't wait to see what else you got for me to enjoy.

4 Stars outta 5

I have to be honest wiv you buddy, it looked crap at the beginning, but being my eccentric cousin I expected you to have some tricks up your sleeves, and you did. Putting an engine on earth was humorous and stuff like the midnight skyscrappers bending on the speed of the earth and the car bouncing up and exploding down when it dodged the asteroid was funny. I do like the attention to detail, footy teams on the newspaper like "Shit Vs Fart" and stuff like that was also funny although I only noticed it on my second viewing...

In technical terms, it is well animated, not GROUNDBREAKING but just nice, the soundtrack was good, great in places and the style was ok. By the way was that supposed to be 'Livia'? ("look mum")

Anyways, keep it up, still no awards?! come on, I'm not showing respect until u get one lol, even if its an underdog of the week!

Dasneviano responds:

Lucas, always waiting to be my last reviewer!... Btw, how did you find out I had finished the movie??? It was supposed to be a birthday present, but you havent been online. So now, in front of everybody on NG, I officially say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAMARÃO!!
I believe you just offended Livia by comparing her to that crappy drawing. It has absolutely nothing to do with her. I even asked her to do some voices, but she refused....
And OK, I might get turd of the week, if you want awards!!

Very original thoughts

Your graphics could have been better...but I suck at flash so I'm not complaining. The style of animation had somthing I haven't seen before but I can't figure out what. OMG you know Zeth, huzza to the Zellion Empire, Zeth is my favorite audio artist right now. I really enjoy his work. A friend of Zeth is a friend of mine. 2 in violence cause da cars went all boom. 5 in humor cause seeing Earth move was funny. I vote 5 cause you seem to have some pretty cool thoughts, sooo you keep making movies for Zeth's music k. and to thinkbox DIE IN THE FLAMING AYBSS FOR DISSING ZETH... ^^;

Dasneviano responds:

Hahahaaha, your review was very funny, really... Yeah, Zeth is the greatest composer, besides being the coolest person to talk to!
Thanks a lot for the excellent review! Huzza to the Zellion Empire!!!:P


That was quite imaginative. Very good work and ideas, though I still don't get how your Earth's propulsion works, but whatever.
So hum, the purpose of the movie was very great, but you could have worked a bit more on graphics. At worst, ask help for it.

Dasneviano responds:

The propulsion? It's an engine. Simply. Don't try to understand any further!
Thanks for reviewing!:D

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3.59 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
8:16 PM EDT
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