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Bitmap To Ascii Converter

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*You need Flash Player 8/8.5*

To use this nifty program, just draw onto the black square (you can modify brush colour and thickness) then press the convert button to convert the drawing to text. The clean-up button gets rid of un-used lines and the copy button copies the text (so you can paste it into notepad or something else, font size 3 is best ^^) though kinda buggy for some reason. Also your browser may lag while the code is generating/converting, don't worry about that and it is kept to a minimum.

Enjoy :)

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Pretty fun. Though I'd like a bigger drawing space. :P When I clicked the title for this, I thought it would be a bitmap picture converter, where you could upload a picture or supply one from a URL, and it would convert it for you. If you'd put that feature in there, it would be a lot more fun. Also maybe it could convert into a color Ascii? Like a color option?

Overall, minutes and minutes of fun.


Nice work. I didnt really get it at first

wow this thing is actually kindda cool!

u can show off on chatrooms and stuff with this (not that i chat a lot). too bad the colors dont get converted too... Good job though! keep this up!

Shit tastic

crazy bad.

liam0 responds:


I liked it

I really liked this, at first i didnt know what to do exactly but then i figured it out. I thought that originally like you would upload a picture or something and then it would convert it to ascii but either way this awesome.

liam0 responds:

I'm thinking of updating it so you can upload a picture, but for not yet. Thanks.