With All My Love

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So here it is, a lot of people asked for a longer version of ‘all my love’ and I’ve been only to happy to do one. There is now a story, if not a very deep one, there is FAR more in this animation than the last. It’s over 2 minutes long…. so yes it no longer a loop! I’ve stuck with the same song (even if some people didn’t like it) because it works and I love it. Any way, here it is, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed spending countless hours on it (I gave up counting after 36 or so) it is far from perfect but it was never meant to be :)

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Great !

Hmm, great story, great drawings, and great music.

Only one question, where can i get the song?

Or can you at least tell me the title and artist?


HotCod32 responds:

the bands under the audio and in the credits (if i remember right its been a while) its a song by Larger Than Life called "Rock And A Hard Place"... good band :)


well... i happened to just stumble upon this and i am really glad i did. I feel that you put a lot of thought and your own personal experiences in your work. I honestly can relate. You've got your own style and i like that. I like the song and it works with the animation. well even though this is not meant to be a funny toon i gave you some points for humor. like the sick sad humor of life... the way someone could mean the world to you but the feelings aren't mutual and you feel so crushed, but you never realize that you could be doing the same thing to someone else who admires you.

By the way, i hope you don't mind me adding you to my favorite flash artists. stick with it!

HotCod32 responds:

haha i really really don't mind :) thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it!


this was an ok flash but a great stort... i can relate so much to this... great wort


desperate he is for the black hair girl >.>'' heh atleast in the end th blonde girl has a happy ending with that other guy... or do they... heh ^^'' well anyway.... the graphics were ok, the music was clear and ur zoom-in thing works great. Overall great flash, though of course, not the best ^^

HotCod32 responds:

Thanks :) glad you had fun... ya the zooming thing is always fun :) thanks for the review

Hmmmm, very interesting...

I have to say that it is one of the cleanest animations I've seen in a while. The song works and the way I interpreted the story (which I do think there was some form or another) was that the guy was in love with the black haired girl. The blonde was the guys friend but loved him secretly. No matter what the guy did, the black haired girl shot him down and in turn he shot down the blonde. The way it ends it would appear to me that the black haired girl was after the blonde all along.
Well whether that was the idea or not it is atill a great animation and deserves a high score.

HotCod32 responds:

Well at the end its a 2nd guy not the girl, but other than that thats about right :) but the idea of the girl loveing the girl is kind of cool and somthing i didn't think of heh thanks for the reweive!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
3:09 PM EDT
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