Cone Ballet

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embarrasing and deleted


Way to go ;)

I love the hole car selection thing.. the graphics are so cool.. i think you should give it some sounds.. if you aren't already working on it... keep it up Nilin.. Cya at school ;)
( You gotta help me with some action script soon :p )

Fun Idea, Just needs a bit of Tuning!

Great game. Just tune it up some and it'll be even better. The car graphics were good, I'd just say that the levels and the interface need work. I didn't listen to the music or sounds. I have my speakers off.

The play mechanics are good, but I think some of those cars would be able to make sharper turns from a stopped position. I have an SUV that can make sharper turns that some of the sports cars.

OVERALL: Great game! I really enjoyed it. Just work on the interface and play mechanics some and we'll have one of the greatest games in NG history!


Nothing special, its boring, try again next time.


stupid retard below Named BrotherWitch

your a stupid cunt lets see a flash by you mate!

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you dont know how much time this takes rigth?
flash isnt just a 2 day job! this probably took along time with the Scripting, drawing, and the movement controls!

so Witch-Bitch can go fuck off you little twat cunt!

-Justin :)

Cars look awesome...but...

The game play itself sucks. I don't like the buttons used to change gears, I can't tell what type of turn is comming up to brake appropriatley (appropriateley?) Good start, but fine tune it eh?

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2.46 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
2:23 PM EDT
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