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Liu Kang vs. Johnny Cage

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This is a basic 2 and a half minute Mortal Kombat fight scene. It took about a week to make. Hope you guys like it. Thanks to Mack Productions for Flash help and icon.

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BOOOOO!!!!... jk

That sucked.... cuz i lost.... >.>

so so animation none the less...


good music, I like it xD (mortal kombat?)

this is very good

I'm not such a big fan of stop motion but this was done very well. Only problem I had was, I keep expecting someone to pull of some 10 hit combo or do a special. Animation was good but it would've been alot better if the fight was a bit more interesting, but beside that, it was great. Still deserve a 5.


Ths is cool cuz Liu Kang won. Every MK fan knows that Kang is the champ of Mortal Kombat and always will be.

Pretty cool

I like the fact you used Figures from 1993-ish, and the fact that's it's the only movie of its kind. A few recommendations though, Make sure to add a fatality (like you haven't heard that enough), Make sure you include at least one signature move for each combatant (such as Liu's Flying or Bicycle kick) and don't cut parts out of the song (It's a good song). And now because I'm done ranting... I'm gonna go eat a Twinkie...YAY TWINKIES!!

NoComicsComics responds:

Glad to see that after all this time, people are still watching my video. Yes, I've heard about the fatality and signature move thing a lot. The reason I didn't do a fatality for this one was because when I checked out Liu Kang's fatality from the first game, I saw that it was pretty bogus, and I thought about adding a signature move, but I didn't know how to do them for Liu Kang (I do regret not doing cage's shadow kick though). I know it's a good song, but I didn't want to animate a 3 minute cartoon.