bumble bee madness

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UPDATE: i just watched it myself and the music doesnt stop playing....i hate flash......anyone know the programs or the audio portal? xD

ok this is my first ever movie u sing flash and it sucks!!!
blam it if you want but i hate it now, already, and i just finished it...
yes im a newb at flash....
no im a pro at 3D art...
you want proof? check my gallery... http://neon2005.devianta

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great 3D effect love it,the music was nice to and the animation with the bees is great,nice job...


The music keeps playing because you haven't got any actionscript telling the movie to stop playing it.
and I believe if you get some more tutorials and such you can become pretty successful.
But if animating isn't really your thing it's ok, you can always keep making nice 3D art ^_~


That movie was great.. but you should add a bit more detail.. like a backround or something
hopefully those guys wont terminate your flash movie!

im sorry if im blamming this but....

youre pretty good maybe add a story line and actually make a point
but still good flash

don't give up on flash...

I tried to watch it, but it sortuv crashed my computer,
and I had to restart.

From what I did see though, you do have potential.
You just need to keep working at it. Flash can be your friend! :D

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2.95 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
11:59 AM EDT
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