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Hello there, folks!
This is the first flash-movie I have made so far. It is about a weird dream I had recently, so be prepared for a confusing and somewhat disturbing submission. So lean back, open your mind and simply enjoy! ^_^

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This dream is symbolic of our creation, many components make up life, we have been influenced by an outer source (missing link) now your subconscious is trying to get you back, you are prolly broadcasting a signal, means that someone you know you even you helped take part in the creation of modern man...or i could just be full of shit

heh..great animation! the smaller stroke for your outline seemed to be more appealing than your other animations, it might just be me, you don't have to worry about it if you don't want, but I know you are going to make more flash, so I want to offer what I can


I always love dream renditions

As for the dream itself, here is my interpretation.
A house can represent the "psychological house," meaning, our psyche. The fact that it is in bad shape and has a mess inside says something. Building something within the psyche indicates formation of ego(s). Killing in a dream can be a bad or a good thing, depending if it represents killing ego(s) (which is good) or something else. However, because in the dream a brain was taken from dead person, and put into a shell might mean formation of ego from an impression. An impression is any input from the senses. When a phenomenon is observed, it becomes an impression. If it is over-intellectualized, the phenomenon that was observed will become, in a way, dead, and will result in the formation of ego...
Ego(s) feed on our psychic energy and cause trouble. They can alternatively be called psychic adjuncts, or defects in the psyche.
Just my opinion, anyway...

Great flash!


Oh that was a pretty....Spooky dream... I hope you wont dream like that again for your own...

But anyways it rocks..
Really like your movie :D..

hmm....Co0o0o0oooL...If it was longer I would have been giving it 10.. But you know you cant just make dreams Continue,, :D .


Very interesting dream. There seems to be so many symbols to connect to the climax, but it was well represented. Make more animations, you have a lot of potential here.


I didn't understand it, it is a bit um hard to like when there isn't a solved ending.

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4.02 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2005
5:39 PM EDT