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It seems Wade deleted another one of our Dailytoons. People certainly are afraid of their own body.

Oh well... here's the edit.

oddly enough, that means that this is Dailytoon 200

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Cmon what was that?

You can do better then that come on guys!

It is sad to see the SS go...

Five star: What just happended? lol.

Five star: See above.

Y4kman: Interesting, fluid and varied. Good job!

ChairAttachBitch: Hmmm... i could sure go for some sushi right now.

ChairAttachBitch: Is this what replaced barney poops submition? It was funny!

Overall: Wonderfully constructed collection of talent united by the SS, I must say I will miss the daily2oons and the hilarity they bring to my day.

Much <3 ~Dual_Glock~

I can believe it!

Barney Poop's part been removed! Wow! I will never see Barney Poop's part on daily2oons ever again!

damn you Wade

i thought Wade supported dailytoons,at least thats what it says when you click one of those buttons at the bottom,you should get Wade off of that "people who support us" list thingy, and if this is dailytoon 200 then does that mean todays the real daily day? and Why couldnt he delete that dailytoon when it came out? i hope it wasnt a good daily2oon that got deleted


i fought ss was dead,i like all of them,good job,i hope i can see you guys,tomarrow,i miss you guys when you were gone,nice to see the ss back on newgrounds...

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Oct 22, 2005
12:02 PM EDT