Mouse Avoider 2

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Thanks for the front page and daily feature :D

I've changed my name. So no, this isn't stolen =P

Note: I know you can cheat, but only noobs cheat, and you're not a noob, are you? I'm not spending too much time on making you not able to cheat, I think it's more important to do the actuall game.

Finally Done!
Added more levels and some other features!
I'll make even more levels in the third, but that will take a while to be done. Meanwhile, have fun playing this!
Have fun!

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It's hard to believe that this game is over 10 years old.

It even has the very old AG logo in the beginning...

HAHA. Found a cheat! If u have a mac, or some other computer, mark with ur finger where the end is. Then, put ur mouse there. BOOM! You're at the exit and u win!

Mouse Avoider 2
It was interesting to see how fun this was. At first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, because it would be too easy. It turned out to be better because it was actually difficult. You really have to know where to get the gold. Your rope sways so much it's hard to tell. It's a game that requires patience.

I wouldn't think this game would hold up well after all these years. It truly does! It has nice graphics and while there isn't that much detail, it still works well. Prospectors just look so funny. They always remind me of Yosemite Sam.

unfair i acidently clicked and i said i cheated

Good game. Use a laptop mouse pad for insane mode.

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2005
11:42 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid