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for front page and clay section

A short claymation made just for halloween. It took a little over 2 weeks for only 1:29, but I tried to step it up a notch in quality.

Please enjoy, and happy halloween

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Great clay movie

Wow nice this was like some re inactments of some big movies here you could even make a series out of this or from this, the clay its really nifty to see how all the clay forms out very well this was some nice work and some nice energy behind it, you have a nice sense of detail and imagination when it comes to these clay movies so really nice work here and I look forward to even more.

you could even make a series out of this or from this


holy shit the boy was a furry all along.

How the hell is this a T

.................:) EXECUTIONER!

Excellent work, except for the shortness and that the bully should have shown at least a little tiny bit of fear after the transformation and then resolve to get his candy.( the way i see the scene where the bully drops the bat is that he is angrily demanding his candy for the final time, lauding his age and size.)

-other notes: the kid crying for a bit longer would be good as well, as most of the other emotional turns in this clip are equally short or prematurely launched into another scene. It allows the viewer more time to digest what they are seeing. The kid shed ONE tear, if that is the point, then it should be a very drawn-out single tear.
Otherwise, good work on fading with the pumpkin to set the stage, the music fit and added to the experience, and i loved that you stuck to cartoon violence values by allowing the escapee to wink after being splattered!


that was a little lame.