How to make a sandwich!

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Finally, you too can find out how to make a sandwich! In this very educative flashmovie children and grownups alike can experience the thrilling mathamatics of sandwiches! See before your very eyes how a couple of household products and some ingredients can turn into a tasty snack!



U have totally broken the rule 4 flash. But Please can u choose better background toons. and maybe, something of humor other than the fact that i'm laughing at myself 4 watching it.

Joyfully executed. But what's that song? Seriously

It's a simple idea but the loveliness lies in the execution. The perfectly fitting music, the simple graphics, the lively motion with flecks of tomato and ham bouncing off...

I was hoping the 'bonus' would be more than just a quick replay of the movie. Also, I was disappointed not to see the face from the thumbnail.

I'm not too keen on the way you can quickly skip backwards but not forwards. (Skipping forwards requires you to watch the whole clips, even if it's for the 2nd or 3rd time...)

Lastly, you should have credited the music. What is that song? Seriously, I wanna know. And some ending credits might have been nice too. Just to give it some sort of closure.

I suppose you could have mebbe also had some quick animations of a knife cutting up the ingredients, but it's nice as it is.

The idea's one that would be made or broken by the quality of presentation.

You did a cracking job.

But seriously, what's that song?

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Nu krijg ik honger


The animation was great; its just it was really pointless =P Who the fuck doesn't know how to make a sandwich XD ??? Why not make one telling people how to cook toast while your at it? Haha just joking; it was good but it would have been a lot more interesting if you told people how to make something that not everyone knows how to cook/make; such as pie.

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reverse it -->o<--

That was but backwards from any sandwich I have ever seen made.... and where were the condiments?

*<}:o) H-D

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3.39 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2005
7:05 PM EDT
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