Anarchy Face 15

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This is the official sequel to Anarchy Face 14 [XIV]. This time Anarchy Face is bringing the usual terror to an unsupecting late shift office worker and this time there are no games, just choices. This Thrilling peice is what everyone has been waiting for and for many who wish to crack the code of Anarchy Face to make a must watch!

This one was funny, I had the big file size and all the colours but made a long intro, I wasn't sure if this would get through, I gathered "what you can't wait for you won't kill" so that was the cheat my way in tactic this time. This one took no time at all to get in and the pointless rambling above made it seem 'official'. This one is one of my proudest blags.


what????please reply;it isnt any thing hatefull

when i first saw anarchy face 14 i was thinking "just a guy whos to lazy to add a title"then i got sick and didnt go newgrounds for a while.then i got back and there was anarchy face 17 in the portal,so offcorse i watched itthen i was thinking"man this guy either has a seris or hes just a bum on crack cocain.so then i saw and reviewed most of your movies.i didnt mean to insult you by calling you a goth(the film was giving you that image),most goth are flattered when you call them goths,or making fun of turtle necks.i don't have a hate torwards you .narchy face 14s the fuel for my haterd torwrords everthing "anarchy face".but now i understand.i just want to let you know i dont have a burning hatred torwards you,no,your not that special.im just another asshole.(being a asshole isnt bad because it somtimes feels good).hate me if you want to but if you do your not the only one theres like a union of them

Destroya responds:

It's good to know Anarchy Face has influenced your path in life!

pretty much sucked

the credits were longer than the fuckin movie and not much even happend...

Destroya responds:

Your point please.


the graphic isnt great,seeing a bunch of face coming by inst what i call original,no real goal in this flash...

Destroya responds:

Oh I think your mistaken.


I like the concept, i like the tention, you put into it, but sometimes it was going to slow, en the sound can really be better. also, the title and stuff took way to long.

Destroya responds:

Nothings perfect.

Frought with problems

I just couldn't finish it. I'm sorry, but it was just ... so BORING! there was at least eight seconds of long pause per one second of action >_< Most of it was staring at a still image. Not to mention the fact that the intro credits took FOREVER. God. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it to get somewhere, but it never did.

... I'm sorry if that came off too harsh. I think you COULD make something good sometime. But I believe a little more attention to script or story would show an improvement for you. Also... I noticed you were trying to form some suspense with some of those pauses, so yes, A For Effort on making use of a time-tested and proven storytelling device--HOWEVER, you were a little too heavy on them (they took too long) and they didn't lead to much.

Now, the subject WAS compelling but the implementation was lacking a bit. I'd like to see an improved version of this, though ^_^

Good luck on your future works.

Happy Flashing.

Destroya responds:

That was an entertaining post. I wanted Anarchy Face to bring on all these kinds of thoughts and it done what it was meant to do perfectly. The next episodes will be much better and far more quicker, they would make alot more sense if user weren't so quick to blam the original episodes.

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2.72 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2005
10:21 AM EDT
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