Halloween dissoultion

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Just a little Experimental flash to creep people out for halloween. Maybe it could show up somewhere on the halloween section of newgrounds.

For those of you that enjoy the sound, i just recorded much of my voice and slowed it down to the point of an ambient humming, and multitracked in flash to create the perfect track. Basicaly I just used my poorness to an advantage and didnt purchase any multi track program.


This is genuinely creepy. I love being scared in that sense of having to shut my eyes for a second because I'm certain something terrifying is about to jump out at me. (I watched it a second time, keeping my eyes open.)
I think the audio is what made it scary. When I read that some of the audio was just your voice slowed down to a hum, I was really impressed. Adding that on top of the rest of the audio really brought things together.
The only reason I didn't give you 5/5 was because I think maybe you could make it longer, and maybe add that "jump-scare."
Overall though, I loved it.

....thank god hahaha

I was creeped out bad.. The hole time i was watching this i was thinking..
This is one of them toons that .. in a min or so.. some creepy face is going to pop
up and scream at me, hahaha .. oooo thank god that didnt happen....... like i dont know.., the times when that has happen to me.. my hole body goes num.... its crazy ... well Keep up the Awesome work.. and pls PLS dont ever make a toon with the screaming face.. PLS hahaha...

Pretty good!

Creepy, scary, and all of that...
Really "Ringu"ish. That's a good thing.

Creepy, scary, good lookin', i can't describe it!

the animation was freakin' the best and the ghost woman was sooo creepy, i as scared out of my pants!! keep up the good work!!!!!!!


You are so talented! I love seeing disturbing and unsettling flashes such as this one. Everything was done beautifully, and It wasn't long, drawn out, or boring. The movie length strengthens the fear factor. I would love to see more of this kind of work not only from you, but from Newgrounds as a whole. FIVE'D

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Oct 21, 2005
1:12 AM EDT
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