The Urge

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What if you wouldn't have any hands?

Just a quickie, hope you enjoy it.

The bad graphics are intentionally bad, they are not a fault, if you're so stupid you wouldn't understand without someone telling you. It's the style of this short, not my usual style.


Where was he going with that box?

The urge, a quickie...? What do you have in mind, boy? Hehehe. =) I feel like I'm stalking you. But I wanted to see what you had. Love your style. They were all a bit different (your other flash's) as far as style went, but that's what makes your style, which is awesome. I loved this, and would agree that the squiglee or whatever made it very nice. Well... You don't have any other submissions, so you should get to it, eh?

sysrq868 responds:

No, I'm quite sure that he didn't have sexual intercourse with a wooden box. That would totally hurt... :P

And you're not stalking me, I'm glad when people like one of my flashes and then take time in watching my other work. :D

As I also said in the description, this isn't my usual style. I was still finding myself back then and I'm still under that kind of flash indentity thing.

And this was done extremely quickly. Possibly in the matter of hours. One afternoon nevertheless. :P

But hey, thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868

God this is awesome

I grew up with Yoshi Story for the N64, and i fell in love with the squiggly letters, and i thought the style was great!! The graphics werent bad, they were really good. I cant tell you anything more then to just to make it longer, but what ever. heres the stuff:

Graphics: H-Core style loved the coloring

Style: Nuff said

Sound: OMG loved that song cathcy, original, and none of this 5 second looping crap

Violence: he beat up a box...not really uh...violent...

Interactivity: its a Movie

Humor: it wasnt supposed to be uber funny right? I liked it.

sysrq868 responds:

Hey, I'm filled with light to find people that actually liked this one (some people have really been quite criticising with it). You're right, it's not meant to be laughing-out-loud funny or "I'm gonna pull your spleen out through your uretha" kind of violent (sorry for the obscene thought). It's just a harmless little short (read: ├╝bershort) which was pretty much concepted because I didn't have anything better to do... :P

But, thanks for the review man, much appreciated!
-- sysrq868


not too bad.... or good. ver random overall, and a bit short. your efforts were good though, so this one didn't suck. nice to see you used audio from the audio portal too.

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sysrq868 responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm a lazy animator, I never really bother adding any "final touches" and I really get fed up with flashes soon after I start them... But that's just me. :D

Cheers! - sysrq868

---I have "the Urge" to blam this---

You know the graphics are bad when the animator has to write down that the character kicked the box! And what did he kick it with. He's got no freaking legs or arms! He's a badly drawn blue blanket with a head! Come on, how lazy can you be! The worst part is that the graphics were the best part of this submission! Sorry, but the only helpful advice that you can give with some submissions is, "Don't submit it in the first place." And this is one of THOSE times!

sysrq868 responds:

Again, with the biggest frustration because the lazyness of you for not reading the comments properly, the graphics are bad INTENTIONALLY. That means I wanted them to be bad. That's the style. That's the idea. Do I have to put some paperlines of -squares like in notebooks so everybody would know that the graphics are meant to be bad?

The only advice I can give you is "Read the freaking comments and shut up if they tear your own comments down."

And for the comment "And what did he kick it with.", all that I can say is that "Use your inspiration, man!". How does Weebl and Bob manage to float the upper part of their body in the air just like that? How can the clocks talk in the clock movies when they have no mouth? Come on, man.

Thanks for the review, though
-- sysrq868


that was simple yet superior,the tiny ppl with no hand,the no background,the music,and the emotions the emotions were 1 of the best parts.how come i didnt think of such an awsome idea? i give u a 10!!!!!!!(that song rocked)

sysrq868 responds:


-- sysrq868

(And yeah, that song rocks)

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Oct 20, 2005
9:29 AM EDT
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