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((( HMMM )))

Well this is probably just a clip from the cartoon itself, you should have done some of the work like make some characters and so-on, the "CLIP" also looped and it gets anoying with the audio after awhile...

Make something of your own then submit it, something you would be proud to submit...

A clip from some anime cartoon, no reall effort here...


rippers deserve no sympathy

The flashes are awsome,but one problem. You did NOT make them!
It pisses me off when someone submits anothers work and then claims it as their own..
especialy since you have been getting undeserved high ratings for them.
That flash came from | h t t p : / / tetlapot.hp.infoseek.co.jp/| click on the flash button and you'll
see some familier flash.

Go to "MiniTacoMan" 's profile and then check out "
Reviews written by MiniTacoMan" read the view at the very top
(I never seen this flash before so I wouldn't know how good or bad it is,but nonetheless
read what our good freind Taco had to say)

"This is the most worthless and effortless flash i have EVER seen. Im surprized that this even got passed judgement... you are an embarrassment to ALL flash artists! - "

No, YOU are an embarassment to ALL flash artists! I'm surprised YOU even got stolen flash passed judgement.

So far you are turning out to be a loser wannabe poser (ooo..below poser..burn!) Oh,but I'm not finished exposing you yet! >=3

If you're gonna pass these flashes as your own you could have at least *tried* alittle better. Come on now..a name that retarded
and a flash style like that? Who are YOU kidding? I read your profile on the 'site' link (If you were smarter you could have linked to the original site of h t t p : / / tetlapot.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ to make it alittle more belivable.) [ go to the site link > user submited flash > if you want to see for yourself] And I thought "MiniTacoMan" was a retarded name..you had to use "Tacopoop" [h t t p : / / img487.imageshack.us/img487/9397/33wy.gif I have a great deal of respect for the real artists and you are just a plagiarizing bastard and a dumbass ya know that?

Like anyone is to belive some 16 year old from/located at Agusta,GA made these flashes (I'm surpsied people were stupid enough to belive this bull that you actualy did this in the first place) Compiling info from your profile on NG and the pro on that one site makes it painfully you didn't do these flashes especialy when compaired to the actualy site these are from.

Crap like this:

Location: Augusta, Georgia
Occupation: Pro Mexican
Interests: Porn

Makes it just that more obvious that you stole flash. I am not convinced for a sec that you did these flashes. Just some retard hoping to get popular on NG.

So in short considered yourself busted, take down these flashes right now before you make things more worse on yourself then they already are.

Sites like | h t t p : / / clairvoyance.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ | and | h t t p : / / tetlapot.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ | have awsome flashes featuring these kitties. THEY are true flash artists unlike this poser. Check out their flashes and also their link section to see other sites with some nice flash. Be wary of "Taco", s/he might try to submit another flash found on one of those sites and claim it. Just a warning.

"NOTE: Any attempt to promote an outside, unrelated website in this space will result in
deletion of your user account."
"No HTML, and no promotion of unrelated web sites OR SO HELP ME GOD."
So be it..I'd rather get my account deleted than let some poser take credit for something they stole..

"we don't accept URLs within reviews"
Well too friggin bad the truth needs to get out there!

Take out spaces in urls and paste into your address bar.

~ Shadow_Myuu

MiniTacoMan responds:

finally someone found this :)
Just something I though would piss you guys off :)


Cute, random, and funny. ^_^ I love it!!!! The artwork is not so much similar as There she is, but your flash is still fun and original none the less!!!! ^^ I love the song, it's really upbeat and it kept me watching the whole flash. ^^ Make more like these, I'll vote for 5 all the way!!! ^.^


wow this song remindes me fv ape escape! woot id give you a 20 on all but i ccant so keep um comeing ........or you shall pay dearly!mwahahahhahaha^_^


Ahh!! So cute! hehe I luv it so. so many things going on so fast, making me dizzy... but still awesome. I luv the song too!

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2005
1:35 AM EDT