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The Only Dragon

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This is my first flash, I hope you like it! These are sprites from Return of Double Dragon for the SNES. BTW,the sprites color in the movie are washed out, can someone tell me how to fix that?

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I admit i laughed pretty hard at this and though it may have not been very good animation wise it was a lot of little things that made this hilarous like the hits and the sound effects and the music that went with it and for you first flash it was pretty decent,overall worth watching for a good laugh.


Ha the sprites are funny, you could go to the flash forum for some help, but one thing for sure is that you need to lower the "FILE SIZE" that was just way to big, but as for your first flash its a start just needs better understanding of flash and sprites and some compressing, nice job...

Sprites lol...

A funny learning flash sprites lol...


This was Freaking hilarious!!! XD!

wAHAHAH, so funnyXD the way you use the sprites.....thats just lol
also check my DD movie, i can see you're a DD fan


This was alright

I liked the use of the sprites, and also how you used a real background at one point. I think, though, the backgrounds that were drawn could have been better.

Some alright action, but it should've had a story, or more humour. The nutty nutty kick with the horrific scream is what I'm talking about here. More of that.


More polish needed

The sprite work was good it just needs a bit of polishing. The sound however coulda been syncronized better and those backgrounds would look better if they were from the game. Other than those things it was OK.