Trash Baby: Cat Sitting

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www.SuperAwesomeWow.com Presents "Trash Baby!" Bill is just an average shmuck in college. Like most guys his age he likes to get drunk and have lots of sex… but never take out the trash. This would come back to haunt him: Mutated from biochemical agents left over in fast food wrappers and Bill’s discarded semen, Trash Baby is half human and half trash! Now he lives in bill’s college dorm room…
In this episode hilarity ensues when Trash Baby must take care of the Hot Residence Assistant’s pet cat while Bill is off making a bet at the OTB…


:( I hate this :(

This is INCREDIBLY sad
even though im allergic , cats r my fav animal
u really should think about how u made cat lovers sad
this is plain sad and really should be deleted


Trash baby's voice might have been the funniest thing i've ever heard. Please make another trash baby flash. There fucking hilarious.

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It was pretty cool but through the whole thing I thought that baby was dam disgusting I just couldnt grasp it was garbage its just disgusting looking seriously normally stuff like this doesnt bother me but that garbage baby things just made me feel a little qeezie but all and all it was cool to watch graphics and sound were good and the jokes were pretty alright

((( HAHA I LOVE IT )))

Wow this was great, im glad i finaly saw it and had a chance to review it, you really need to continue this on, its great stuff and some very welldone voice actiong, trash baby fits so well with the guy character, kinda like ren and stimpy go well together hehe, but anyways, great stuff the characters could have had more limb animation, and there also could have been "SUBTITLES" but it was perfectly understandble, anyways great flash i hope you make more because ii cant wait...

All though the voices were fine, it would have been nice to still have some "SUBTITLES" just for the overall effect of it making it more enjoyble...

A very well made flash from story to the jokes, and great characters and voices i love it, i hope there will be more soon...


make more

that was great why not make a few sequals coz trash babys awesome but plz do not put in a laugh track there gay

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3.32 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2005
10:18 PM EDT
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