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Great scrolling shooter game where you can customize your ship.


- shop between stages;
- 5 ships;
- 5 weapons types with 5 levels each, (25 weapons total);
- secondary weapons, auxiliary shooters and special powers;
- shields, propulsion and much more to customize your ship;
- 4 stages;
- unique and varied enemies and bosses;
- fully soundtracked.

---------- AUTHOR NOTES ----------------------

I did this game to pay my homage to all scrolling shooters, specially Tyrian, Gradius, Xenon 2, Raiden and R-Type. They can be dead to the game industry but not in my heart :)

Sorry about the game size but I wanted to create a full-game feel. And for that, I felt the necessity to make it fully soundtracked. Each stage has its own music, and it isn't an countinuously annoying loop. The game can be hard and the player can have to repeat stages, so I believe it was important. Maybe in the future I will make a light version of that game. Let me know if you want it.

The game is heavily scripted, and because of that is a little heavy. Ive tried my best to make it lighter without taking out gameplay. If it gets really jumpy for you, read the "help" area in the game main menu.

Let me know what you think. Place all your feelings, bug report or ideas (of this or new games) in the review or my email. If you don't like the game, let me know why, and maybe my next game will please you.

Have Fun!!! I sure had making this game.

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This game is so nostalgic!

Great game:
5/5 Music
5/5 Art style
5/5 Gameplay

Btw heres a tip for everyone stuggling withthe fleet boss at the start:
Get the 3rd genarator and a level 4 laser cannon, you'll be able to kill the boss in like 2 hits but just make sure to dodge everything, and shoot as little as possible (massive power drain)

WOW! I love the bosses!

I love Tyrian, and this was pretty good as well

Great effort, I can see a lot of work put into this that some people don't realize. I've felt the similarities to toe retro shmups, as well as many differences. Not that this is necessarily bad, I'm just pointing that out. The graphics I was hoping to be pixellated(No, I don't mean the low quality) like them you've described to give it a better fangame feel.

Now for the cons.
The game over remarks are very rude.
At first, I've played it on medium difficulty and went all the way to the Fleet boss, where I got my ass handed to me repeatedly by his cheapo dash attack. (HE STILL ONE-SHOTS ME ON MEDIUM WITH THE BEST GEAR.) The hitbox for that is way too large and he dashes too quickly. You MUST reduce at least one of those aspects in order to actually allow people to even beat the whole thing on medium to hardest difficulty. So I had to go to an easier difficulty, and the freaking boss dies in a heartbeat, he doesn't even get to dash. Blarf. The final boss was loads easier than that angel freak.

Not necessarily a con, but I noticed you don't get your money back for your old stuff when you upgrade. They did this with Tyrian.

Anyways pretty good, worth trying. Good job.

sspecter responds:

Thanks for your review.

Ship-against-enemy collision was really an issue. The point was to avoid at all costs colliding with the enemy, but it didn't got too when shield and plating were suposed to protect you.

Awesome game

I just hate the fleet boss on hardest. Even if I make a perfect run till I get to him, cheap ass always kills me in one hit, even with full shield and chassis. In fact I have all the damn upgrades up till that level and still can't beat the mofo (on hardest). He kills me when he kamikazes into me you know, there needs to be some kinda way to know in which direction he's going to fly-by.

So instead of beating it on hardest, I had to settle for easiest -.-