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Zarbon's MT Piccolo

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If you are new to Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater (ZMT) then here is a quick description. Zarbon, Freiza's right hand man from Dragon Ball Z, has his own talk show where he interviews various characters as actors from the DBZ universe.

In this classic episode, Piccolo speaks about going into the medical profession after finishing his work on Dragon Ball Z and GT and tries to convince Zarbon that he should have his prostate checked more often. Nappa also gets to eat cookies.

More detailed credits for ZMT can be found at zarbononline.com. This flash file was submited by BogusRed, the animator for the show.

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There are quite a few dragonball parodies out there, some more serious and less satirical than others some more indirect than others, but this one stands above the rest as the best. Well, this and DBZ in a nutshell. That one really hit the nail on the head as a direct commentary on the show itself. And this version of Nappa is way better than the dbz abridged one that was made later, they would have done well to have based their Nappa on this one but I guess they didn't have as much freedom as they had to adhere to some semblance of the show. It's kind of funny how much better the parodies are than the stupid actual show in general. This particular episode of zarbon's masterpiece theater as well as the one where shenron appears and reveals he plays the part of the geico lizard (EVIL! BAD shenron! Contributing to geico commercials, the most horrific product of the human race in its million year history on Earth!) are the pinnacle, the best of the best. I always thought that the girl who made this should have made another episode of zarbon's masterpiece theater, featuring the Majin, who would be wearing a top hat and a splendid suit and carry a cane and speak in a British accent and say things like "I say" and "Cheerio!". That would go well with Piccolo basically being Apu from the simpsons here. Thank you, come again! Cheerio! But alas it fades away into greater obscurity, you can see that since the last comment before this one was from 2013, and the last one before that, 2 and a half years earlier. But it's still a classic.

BogusRed responds:

Hi Nverse. Thanks so much for your review of Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater.
I apologize for the late reply. I haven't logged into my NG account in years.
I love the Majin character idea. I do have some good news for you...

One, we're playing around with the idea of a reboot of ZMT. We've actually found that the series doesn't age well (some of these come off as racist and reinforce negative gay stereotypes) so we'd love to take all the comedy gold from this and create a new series.

Two, the same folks behind ZMT are launching a new animated parody series, Dragon Mall Quest which launches tomorrow on our Youtube channel. The trailer is already posted.

If you'd like to follow updates, consider joining our mailing list. You can do so from our website:

OMFG LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job sir plz make moar


Haha lol. This was the first one that I watched and it is unbelievably funny. I have watched some of the others but this one is the best. Especially with piccolo and his funny accent (what is it, indian?). Keep up the good work


shut up redneck

i agree with ss500mario

make a utube account and post many of your ZMT vids whenever u want u got plenty made already on your site so why not?