Animation Tutorial Pt. 1

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Another Tutorial From Our Crew Down At Freak_productions

Hope you enjoy this Tutorial...

It Teaches You The Basics So You Wont Have Such A Bad Flash Movie :)


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Why... Oh why are you making a tutorial if you're the one that needs to learn!
Everything was so durn aweful, the graphics, grammar AND THE ANIMATION!

No, never again.

Graphics can be useful too

I'm not a newbie but I'd just like to add that graphics can be really useful too and you shouldn't make EVERYTHING a movieclip. If you make graphics, it's easier to make a frame slider or something. You can also preview what you're making...

realy nice

you know, you should make a background tutorial
I love the drawings, but i think you should work a little more on the animating.
You say: do this and do that, but You dont say HOW to do it.
goet my meaning?
Anyway, really good flash annd I hope to see a background ttutorial from you in future.

A not so bad tutorial for Newbies

This tutorial isn't bad if you know completly nothing about flash like me. Everyone that says omg this tutorials sucks! This isn't supposed to be the next Turd of the Week but merely a tutorial for newbies. So all you people that are against tutorial i vote against you bastards.

Really good!

I swear my next flash will be rather...decent. now ^.^ thanks for one of the better reviews on my now blammed piece of crap by the way. ("A Day at the Ofiice")

Smoke-Tower responds:

ahahaha ok then
thanks for voting and reviewing!

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2005
6:37 PM EDT
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