Milano Toons 020

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Running out of flash ... plz help us !

If you're interested in joining the crew, www.MilanoCrew.com
If you'd like to send parts for Milano Toons, send your 550x400 24fps .flas to MilanoCrew@gmail.com

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Why am I not a co-author!?!?

Hey I made one of those flashes and you didn't even add me as a co-author... thats sick.
Please adjust this if you can!!!!!!!!!!! -____-

MilanoCrew responds:

well...you haev to add the milanocrew to your portal buddies, i tried, but it does not work without buddy thing

20 already???

The Milano Toons are funny especially the opening where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are dancin' like retards on crack. Nice job guys and happy 20.


vizee=awesome work
spikem=great drum action with extra
zombie=paperbag man action,really cool
great flash,score 6/10

MilanoCrew responds:

ok...you loved this...but...wtf only a 6 ?

Guess this just isn't my type of humor...

I like random stuff but this is a little too random and weird for me (and that's sayign a lot). Well anyways, it wasn't total crap i'll give ya that much...

MilanoCrew responds:


an ok M.Toon

i thought the whole reason for the top 4 best of the week thingy was to take more time to make flashes so stuff like this wouldnt happen,oh wells,im sure people have toons baked up on there comp ready to send to ya

MilanoCrew responds:

i hope so

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
5:03 PM EDT
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