Hoodlums: Episode I

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Yes, this is my first title with voice acting! The Hoodlums, consisting for Stan, the smooth operator, Vance, the cynical technician, and Miles, the mild-mannered greaser, are a band of thieves that go after only the most valuable and impossible-to-get prizes. In this episode, the Hoodlums plan to steal a jewel worth 300 million dollars but Vance has a run in with the Loan Sharks. Will they be able to steal the stone without getting caught by the police or the Sharks?



ok first of all the lips werent sinked in the least which for sum reason pissed me off. the graphics were less than perfect but i cant do any better so i shouldnt be tell u that. and was it me or did eery1 have the same voice...? but i thought it was very good, not enough plot...but im sure ull explain that in later episodes.

not very good

the graphics were pretty bad. im tired of stick figures. There shud be more details in the characters' faces. And the voice acting absolutely sucked ass. The author obviously did all the characters' voices and cant act to save his life. The story line was alrite i guess..But what happened to the end of the soty, its like the author got lazy and didnt finish. anyway, improve evrything above in the next episode.

Deac responds:

Stick figures? What stick figures?


this was alright and alright concept with the guy owing money to lone sharks or something..anyways it was good.....


u should relly concider making the sceens less long...because the guy says the line right but then it stays there for like 1 minute then goes to the next sceen...u should make it fluid...

Not bad.

I highly suggest variety with the voice acting. It was extremely monotonous. However, well written dialogue and storyline.


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3.64 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
9:19 AM EDT
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