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Zarbon's MT Vegeta lander

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If you are new to Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater (ZMT) then here is a quick description. Zarbon, Freiza's right hand man from Dragon Ball Z, has his own talk show where he interviews various characters as actors from the DBZ universe.

In this episode, Zarbon and his beloved co-host Nappa speak with Vegeta about his new line of clothing called "Jiita Clothing Line."

More detailed credits for ZMT can be found at zarbononline.com. This flash file was submited by BogusRed, the animator for the show.

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lolol oil will haunt me for the rest of my life now

When Vegeta was showing off, it was sexy. The whole video is really funny.


God damn Vegeta that was hot

hilarious video

so sexy you will fuck funny as hell good work. dude i made an acount just to write reveiws.


well he is still getting term with his.....lets ay homosexuality anyway bogusred your vids are awsome like i said on your mt piccolo vid plz make a utube account