UFO Abduction

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Little movie I did of a sheep getting abducted!

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I think you should of made it longer cause this is a really great idea like you could of showed a couple more animalabductions

The quality isn't all that bad since the spaceship is decently drawn and this flash actually has a very nice set of colours in it. There's also a bit of humour that some may find amusing or even just a little bit funny. Not a bad flash in terms of effort, clearly it could have used a lot more but it is a little amusing.

The timing of the video is terrible, it's only a few seconds long and there is absolutely no sound to amuse the viewer at all. Not even some muffle music or spaceship sound effects, which is very basic audio to insert even in a simple little flash like this. There's almost no plot, an the one there is is so boring and tasteless there is almost no point to it at all. There could have been voices, or even just a random laugh track would have made me get a little bit more enjoyment out of it. While I mildly enjoyed the sheep and spaceships artwork, features like the background hill or sky really could have used a lot more work than the poor sketch it had. A lot more creativity needs to be added.

Not the worst flash, even a little amusing for such an old flash. But a lot more creativity, sound, storyline work, animation and length needs to be added to make it even worth watching for the 4 seconds it took to finish it.


Silly little short about a sheep abducted by aliens. The sheep and spaceship were drawn well enough, but there was no sound, and ultimately it was too short. Not the worst I've seen though.

a sheep is abducted and sliced in half and grafted to another sheep and now has green fur

Very cute but also very short

Ok so this was a really small {FILE} ok so as the film starts playing it gets good with a sheep and some aliens im guessing the aliens changed the sheep and now the sheep is confused and doesnt know what to do, now this is cite but still very {SHORT} and another issue is that it loops and thats due to the fact that you need to add a {STOP-ACTION} code, also it being so short you should do one of two things, and that would either make the flash much longer or add other short flicks along with it so that there is a variaty of short films and not just the one thats so short. so this started out ok good animating good color and an overall start to a good story but just ended too shortly, so with all that said you should put abit more effort next time.

So as stated above add more short toons or make this one longer with more to see and such, this movie "LOOPS" now thats actually an easy fix, you can use a stop-action-code from the action - script and there are actually lots of easy to understand tutorials here on the site to view on how this is done if you dont know, but anyways the stop-action-code will stop the looping, but dont forget to add some "PLAY" and "REPLAY" buttons for the viewers to restart viwing the flash, other then that its a pretty good start.

A short animation funny but just plain too short.

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2.18 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2000
1:34 PM EDT
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