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BFT! - Ep.1-Sancho

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Well, the title Banana Fun doesn't have anything to do with the flash. It is just a short animation and I would really appericiate some constructive feedback. Enjoy! (MUST HAVE FLASH PLAYER 8!)

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little boyz! lol!

I liked everything about the movie.
Except the lack of voice enthusiasm. But no one expects a voice actor on newgrounds. So who cares?

Great job ;). Looking forward to the next one.

I know who you are :D

Mr. Cook... I'm the one who confiscated your computer :D I know you :D I'll give you a hint. (ERNIE!) (INFO TECH!) (TURKISH VERSION OF SAW!) ya its me!

Hells fukking yeah!

This is the best fukking thing i have EVER watched!
here are a few points why:
1: there are cute little ppl
2: thers an immigrant named sancho in it (& he speaks funny)
3: It makes fun of emo's
D: SLIPKnOT! rules
5:It's random
6: theres a nice touch of pyromaniacy at the end **FIRe!**

overall this $hit kicks a$$! >P

Why ????

Who would possibly like this flash DCFILMS? i hate your website and one time it accually made me wonder .... QUANK N A HALF , WANK WANK WANK , SEIG HEIL , HEIL HITLER , MY DICK!
(proud supporter of the GNAA)
(ps , when you want me to record those sounds for your flash cause im going to roberts this weekend , BASMENT+ROBERT+ME=WACKY SCREAMING AND SHITTING ON THE MICROPHONE UNTILL 4:30AM LOOOL XD)

i like poo in my face

Who is Tyson crane? i noticed the FBI guy menchend that. HEY I HAVE AN IDEA, WEN THE GUY IN THE SLIPKNOT T-SHIRT turns it shouldnt say TONKPLIS cus that shows ur lazy and just flip the carecters and it wusnt funny and POEPLE ONLY GIVE IT A 5 BECAUSE THEY FEEL SRY FOR UR BROTHER.

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!TYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRANE!!

DCFilms responds:

Hello Andy (or possibly Tyson using Andy's account) thanks for reviewing my Flash on Newgrounds. Well I'm pretty sure that you of all people, know who Tyson Crane is. As for liking poo in your face, thats none of my business. As for the Slipknot shirt, that wasnt being lazy, I just missed that and has been fixed already for the next episode. If you think it wasn't funny, just look at some of the reviews.as for people feeling "sorry" for my brother who has cerebral palsy. I don't think that the over three hundred people who have voted on my submission know my brother, let alone know who I am. Why do people like crap? I'm not sure they would call it that, but if you call it crap, then why did you not give it a 10? After all you do like poo in your face.

Sincerely, Devin Cook