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Attention Grabbing Title

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review 10 i have a great shot at winning review crew pick.

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That was really mess up but in a good way i like it make some more like that guyz


dut wuz amuzing. hupe 2 zee mure of joo guyz

not again

why do u guys keep makeing cRAP 4 spend more time on ur work!

fix yout flash!!

Need do fix your portal still....

I dislike giving negative reviews....

The whole "Let's submit something that's going to fuck up the viewer's sound system and give him a heart attack" thing is for fucking five year-olds. In 1999. Seriously, grow the fuck up and submit something that isn't utter time-wasting shit.

None of these animations, such as they are, have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but if you simply have to view this crap out of morbid curiosity, the first one (top left on the menu) is to be avoided unless you have your speakers\headphones turned WAY down.

And there are a disproportionately large number of "10" votes for this; the author must have spent a while creating all those other accounts and logging in to vote. Either that, or there are far more fucktards on newgrounds than I originally thought. I'm actually tempted to create a few multis myself, just to ensure that this sausage-fest gets deleted.

So, how was that? Was that the kind of rise you were hoping to get? Here's a tip: If you really want attention so badly, go step in front of a speeding truck. If you survive, you'll have all the attention you want - if you don't survive, you won't be any position to care about how much attention you're getting....and we won't be subjected to any more of this shit. Fucking child.