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Osama Gets Low

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Hello everybody. Do you like to see pop culture icons made fun of and disrespected? Well then this is the movie for you!! Phat Dawg and his pals take you down the toilet on a journey through pop culture land. Complete with Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson, Saddam Hussain (with his lover, Doritos), Conan O'brien, Kal Penn, and Jon heder. Plus, a pot head teletubby, an alchoholic ferby, and the underwater sex god, Father oceania!! Oh just for the record, i have nothing against Conan O'brien, Kal Penn, or Jon Heder.

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my fav video by u fs

Cool a 14 year old girl made this when I was 19.

4 stars! :D

I love it!!!!
LOLOOLOLOlloolllolololollLlolo!!! its funny!!! LOLLLOloololloOOLLLOLollLOlooloLOL!!

Loll funny to see mj in there !! r.i.p michael we will miss yhu and love yhu always !! <3