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Killing Maniac

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Author Comments

'KILLING MANIAC, PART 2' in production

The new series going to take a while to finish.
So, now I am going to finish the Killing maniac series instead. And then continiue if people like the installment.
I am going to tell a little, just a little about the episode.
Killing maniac part 2 will begin where part 1 begins, and then continiue from that. I've written the boarderline for the plot, which i wont tell to you guys. Just stay tuned and se for yourselfs.
The stickman style is completly changed, instead of the thick brush, i use the line.
It will look like a regular, boring stickfight. But i will include a story, action ofcourse and the most important in a flash movie, according to me, HUMOR.

This is a FBF stick fight.


Just not what i'm looking for but fit's the bill.

Way to short but the animation was fast and good so here is 4 star's.

More stick men!

Stick men fighting! How do you get it through?

The answer is simple- music, sound and background. With these three things it has to be a considered as an acceptable basic Flash, which has the overall, borderline score it deserves.
give any sequal some STORY or I will blam it!

The two gangs all saw all H. from 1-6 today.
Ideas from the gangs-
Fencing- sword breaks
Trampoline either bounces to the Moon OR
falls through, taking material down with him.
Horseriding- horse jumps fence, throws rider, lands on rider
Rifle shooting- recoil knocks him over
Basketball- either ball bounces off basket or slam dunk pulls basket etc down.
Most of the two gangs like Hammerthrow and most LOL.
Best wishes,
Ice Dragon64

Muskelchock responds:

Yeah, i trained at fbf and camed to this and after this i gave birth to the hammerthrow series^^ It will not come a sequel. I am making the hammerthrow its much much more fun to do than violence. Thanks for the tips for ht 7.

not bad

it was an alright FBF animation. the killing was alright to watch, but overall, it was nothing too new, exciting or interesting, but your efforts were good.

Muskelchock responds:

Ive began with the secuel, wohoo.
Now, with plot and humor:)


Aside from there being so many cartoons out there that use this style and everything this dosent stand a chance against any of them. All of the characters look fat, the music is annoying, and the enemies preety much just stand there and let the "hero" kick their asses. even when they the main guy is nocked down the bad guys stand and watch. Also if your going to make a series, atleast make the flash animations longer than 10 seconds.

Muskelchock responds:

Thanks for the review, rereads them now, when im making the sequel for some tips.
The sequel will have a plot, enemys with IQ :DD
And i can tell you one thing, the "hero" isnt much of a hero. Youll se that in Killing maniac 2.

eh, okay

the graphics could have been much better - you made the stick figures look like a bunch of fatsos. and if you're going to make this into a series... MAKE THE PARTS LONGER!!!!!

Muskelchock responds:

Thanks for the review man :)
I going to use a thinner style of sticks now.
Making the sequel now

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Credits & Info

1.75 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2005
3:03 PM EDT
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