GI wars

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UPDATE sorry that my play button doesn't work please reight click and hit play once again i am sorry
This a movie i made for fun.



Despite the crappy photos used it was quite a good flash. Good concept, good sound and a whole lot of comedy in it as well. Keep it up!


Good for being shot with a camera

Most stuff shot with a camera that has little bits of graphics added in like the bullets is usually crap on NG, but this was very good. The quality was nice and the movement was well done, but I didn't understand why some was done inside and some outside. The outside scenery was very good, looked a lot like a jungle, but inside you should have tried not to get the TV in the picture. Nice job


if you want to make a moving background, or just something moving without change, for example when you just see the jungle,
make a single wide picture, and let it (motion) tween in flash. this way it doesnt take 1 mil pics and looks even better.
hope you understand, english is not my native and i havent got much time.

It has so much potential.

This movie has so much potential. With a good writer and a good plot, this movie could be great. I can't wait to see it. Make it soon! (And the cameras a little to jerky, but that's understandable- these stop-motion ones are hard to make.)
Keep up the good work!

Not bad.

It woulda been cooler if there were people screaming and dying.

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2.65 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2005
6:32 PM EDT
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