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Earth Battle

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In a recent Blue Dwarf storyline, a massive fleet lead by an evil-converted Jay Chrysler attacked Earth.

Moving on from it's string of victories against Space Corps fleets, The Hymenoptera attacked Earth head-on. Defended by a fleet of the Earth's last hope, transport ships, run-down cruisers and half-wrecked military vessels, Earth had no chance. The civilian fleet knew they were destined to death, with no chance of winning - their only victory would be to delay the Hymenoptera for a few minutes longer, allowing more time for people to be evacuated.

The Blue Dwarf uses its wormhole drive to enter into the fray, but still cannot prolongue the destruction of the Earth.

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im shocked

did you drew all of that? if you did that was very impressive. what was those alien space ships. and where you got those clips from?

i dident realy like it

i dident like it much sept the end wich iy my bigest wish



You must be from up north unless Eddie has gone global on me :o|.

Really good graphics anyway. I don't think anyone else will understand the E.S. thing though!

You might wanna add some kind of plot too?

Oh well, have fun web developing etc...

not bad

that was cool i guess but it could use a little work no what i mean but ya good job keep it up..

voted 2, feels half done

needs more, instead of telling us in the comments about this chrysler guy show us in the movie, show the other escaping ship and maybe after they escaped showing us where they got to and if it was attacked, these things would make this a much better movie