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You can now build automated platforms in the build / construct area and use autocannons. Il be working on new spaceships, weapons and a new ground combat system. Il probably upload it sometime this week. i removed the target area as well

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I beat it

I believe that this game has potential, but it still needs a lot of work. Although I don't know when this was made, I can say that it seems really old and outdated. The game and simple plot itself however is very well done. I did find some bugs but what I really want to see is more! Then I could give it a better rating.

Nice game but to simple and a bit buggy

This is a very nice game, although it is nothing new. I like the concept, fire rockets at the alien spaceships, upgrade the rockets and space station, fight aliens if they board the station...

I can see that this is a work in progress and you are doing a good job. As some of the players already said a save option would be nice.

Also a way to control the battle on the station wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe an option to add security stations on the base, a way to buy better equipment for soldier.
If you prefer not to go into details for battles on space station a "skip and show me the results" button would be great.

The biggest problem of this game is that when you have everything maxed out and you use the best custom rocket available, the game becomes too easy.

I also found two glitches. When you buy better armor the picture does change but when go go to another screen it goes back to the same grey armor picture. Also there are two option buttons on the main screen. Also on the buy screen but when you click on the data the second option show you the data screen also.

All in all it is a nice game that needs some adjustments and fixes to become a good game. It has the potential to become a great game but there's a lot of work to be done for that.

Fun for a while, but gets repetitive

A Save option would help, as already mentioned, although at some point it doesn't seem to advance anymore - no new enemies, upgrades not possible - so I don't know... Graphics aren't too good either, and it's missing explanations about the rocket types and the cannon and some easier way to switch between them during a battle...
I do see you're planning additional changes, which is good, stuff like the aliens boarding the station make this game still different and give it potential.


needs a save so if u go some were u save dont lose ur data


what r the cheats i keep messing up on options presing the go to menu button i want cheats just in case theres a level i come upon that i cant get through

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2005
4:39 PM EDT
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