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The Journey

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Author Comments

Well...this is the first flash I'm posting on Newgrounds so all this is new to me. But this flash, I made it for my college work on my trip to college, I knew it would be boring if it was just plain me going so I thought: I'll do a flash cartoon of my trip to college in a very weird way. And here is what I've done...I admit it's not very good as well as the sound quality but I am starting to get the hang of this. Oh well...hope there are a few people out there who may like this.

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Not bad for a first... kinda weird and out there (which i like). But the more you make the better they will get. Hell of a lot better and orignal then some others out there. Keep it up.

good start

this was good but for the train the shapes of it were all different sizes. you could took one shape and copy it so there the same size. and what was the music in the train scene that cracked me up. it shoulded like some rock music with spanish jiberish.

Fantasticly Amazing


Euan-the-Echidhog responds:

Hi there

o.o u really like my flash cartoon that much? Well I plan to post another flash I did a few months ago for someone...kinda rushed but funny enough. Thank u for ur review ^_^


Pretty funny.

Try and work on your drawing skill. And if you want to do a shine like you did on the words at the begining try and use a straight line rather than a drawn one. But other than that. Not bad.

Euan-the-Echidhog responds:

Hi there

I did that once but it took too long to do, but in my next flash the lines will look smoother. Thank u for ur review.


Not great, but not bad.

This one has some pretty good qualities and some pretty not-so-good qualities. Because of this, it averages out so-so.

While the drawings were decent, some of the animation was lacking. Especially the train background, that skip is atrocious. Nothing that can't be fixed though. The music was appropriate, and I actually found myself grooving a bit to the beginning credits. Sound-effects, weren't so good, a bit garbled(Mabye a better microphone will fix that, I dunno). And some of the speech was a bit hard to understand or lacked feeling. The humor, while okay, seemed to fall flat at times.

Still, I feel compelled to give you a higher than average score for three reasons (I'll give you the 2nd one first)

2) There's a rave in the train? That's a new fantasy of mine, to be in
a train rave!
3) Puchuu death is ALWAYS a supremely good thing.
1) Besides all the complaining I did, I was actually VERY impressed
that this was your first flash. Usually first flashes involve sticks,
or are just poor overall. This was decent. Give yourself a cookie,
you've earned it.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Stay crispy.

Euan-the-Echidhog responds:

Hi there

Yeah I had real trouble trying to loop the background...maybe next time if I do something like that, I'll add a odd patchwork on it to make it look like its just a crappy sfx.
I never like having to add sound effects on a flash cause I know the volume will be different and I badly suck at voice acting >-<
But I see that u liked how this flash turned out for a beginner. Thank u very much ^_^


Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2005
8:08 AM EDT