Milano Toons 013

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HEY THERE FOLKS ! TODAY WE PROUDLY PRESENT YOU SOME REALLY SWELL FLASH MOVIES ! They are terrific this evening...so....watch and have fun ! Plz leave nice reviews if you like them...

If you're interested in joining the crew, www.MilanoCrew.com
If you'd like to send parts for Milano Toons, send your 550x400 24fps .flas to MilanoCrew@gmail.com


((( BETTER )))

Well better then others but not the best, i still like it though, and did make me laugh, only issue i didnt like was it was a huge file like most of them are, you should really try and lower it down somewhat...

Lower the filesize somewhat...

More funny and more random, but notbad at all...



Saw no cats...?

A thing of beauty!

10 all the way around! 10 for all!

great Milano Toon!

adevade-didnt realy like the song but man oh man that was a great ending,lol

duck-duck-sheep=lol,taught me something,i shant run fast

yenig-lol,i enjoyed that

llammastuff-was ok

the only bad thing is im afraid this might turn into a dailytoon,i know its already daily but the people that submitted to dailytoons will probably submit to you,some of them were funny but if that happens then milano toons will basicaly be a replica of a dailytoon
so if dailytoons come back then there will be 2 dailies,unless you count that threebrain fella,lol, and if there is 2 dailies then you will go in war with them,trying to be da bestest daily you can, and the
artists will be all confused cept you and duck-duck-sheep cause you and duck were never in dailytoons but as for the people in dailytoons-dear God,they will have to choose sides and if i were in there shoes i wouldnt like that,no i wouldnt,im not saying stop milano toons im just saying try not to make it like dailytoons cause if ya do then it will basicaly be dailytoons cept a different main author and different screen

MilanoCrew responds:

Mtoons have a quality control, we refused many parts in the past and we will keep refusing what we qualify as poor.

I don't think we'll be in war with the ss, without the ss the mcrew would have never existed. Also, I can tell u there will be a 3rd season of dailytoons from the ss, they are baking some fresh concept for ya ;)

thumb up

adevade=awesome flash really crazy
yenig=weird,but good graphic
duck ducksheep=running wild,awesome,the ending is great
....ammastuff=my favoite today,really cool

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3.23 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2005
4:06 PM EDT
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