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ROBOT pt 1

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I created this movie as a half music video clip, half story of a journey around the world. I was creating the cartoon and the song at the same time so i hope you like the way they were put together.

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((( LOL )))

I like this, i can see how you had it story and video it kinda makes it unique, The "CHARACTERS" were cool, could be improved with details, but as for the rest of it it was very entertaining, nice wok on this one...

A full story would be cool like longer scenes and such...

Funny and entertaining the characracters are neat and entertaining as is the flash...



Graphics weren't fantastic but great sound and an overall awesome flash. Don't listen to them morons like Xela89, didn't see him making a flash movie.

needs work

Some good ideas in there but it need more work. Your animation skills aren't exactly brilliant so work on improving that and you need to sort out the play button. Not too bad though.

Preloader issues

I voted to blam because I had to right click to play it. You might want to fix this and resubmit, it will get a better score.

great job

like the last reviewer, I have to say that the robots were a tad lacking... But I loved this. It was weird... the music and the sequence of events just seemed odd... for this I was going to 4 it, but then I read at the end that you also made the music... and for this wholistic and cool effort, my 5 are yourin. Great job!