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The Battle On ROCK

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I think its a good flash, maybe a little bit shorter.

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This is great!

It's weird that he could have went in the hole near him before he got killed at the end. Overall, great.


Notbad animation but could be better, but you did present some nice graphics like the backrounds, and the "BATTLE" was notbad, but the sticks them could use some more detail, and the animatiion could be slightly longer...

Make the animation abit longer and, The stick characters need work, so i would suggest giving them more detail besides the stick themself such as facial features eyes mouth and hair animations, maybe some shoes pants shirts and so on, to make them different then just your avg stuck, it would improve on the character and flash in general...

Good action, nice art but characters need detail...


that's pretty good

hey, that's pretty good. I'd make it smoother. I did mine at 17 fps. And dude, only two guys? honestly. anyway, click my profile and watch my movie would u? tell me wut u'd do differently on mine, too. i like feedback just as much as you.

Not the best.

Too short.
Not really funny...