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3 Little Pigs on Broadway

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Turn the sound up, cause it's kinda soft. Made in about an hour. It's my ELA project

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Well it was ok but could be better, first of all the white backrounds could be worked on abit more some colors and detail, and some smoother animation would be nice aswell...

Better animation, and better backrounds...

Neat idea but needs more to it...


Needs improving.

Firstly, the sound was too quiet. I had to crank my volume up to full just to hear it. Second, too short. I believe you've got a great idea here and you can make something out of it. Hope to see more work from you.

good lip sync

The lip syncing was good, but the sound was way too quiet and the movie itself didn't go anywhere.


that was a whole lot of nothing

ok.... again I'll quote it... WTF!!?... WTF!!?

I'm a fan of Arnold so I gave it a 2... but everything else is IRRELEVANT!!!