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Tomorrow is daily day! There will be a lot of very good star syndicate flashes tomorrow with the daily toon 200 probably being the best of the day and is gonna be 200 times better than any other daily toon ever done. Plz enjoy the flash...

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The penis guy is a classic

((( CLASSICS )))

Ha its names classics notbad, the clips were really short on this, and the white menue was very bland could use some color, but the short animations were funny...

Add some color and freasher look to the menue, and maybe longer clips...

Funny clips random but funny...



TheIRG deserves all 10's for his movie alone

Ahh the classics

I remember seeing some of these classics when they first came out.

2RS: Clock Crew had Tricky Clown, Star Syndicate had Waggy Penis.

Astropuff: This was the highlight of the second Dailytoon I ever saw. It was the only reason my 13 year old brain decided to not act like an asshole who thinks he's special in the review.

Uglybastard: I love your work as Douchebagclock and this was funny too.

Threestar: Your movies are always so hilarious and original. Kudos to you

Keep up the swell work



why dont you make something good
ask for more fucking hard work
stop this shit and submit something really worked out