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my own birthday present.

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((( UM OK )))

Well it was like a card to yourself lol, why didnt anyone else make it for you??? i mean isnt it supose to be that others give you a card but not oneself making one for oneself hehe, anyways it was neat artwork, but not much more then that...

Maybe some animation...

A birthday card for someone, kinda funny...


numbers responds:

"Well it was like a card to yourself lol, why didnt anyone else make it for you???"



Kinda cool actually. Thanks for using my song, I hope to get more soon. But dude, do something a little more...interesting.

numbers responds:

I'll make something interesting when I can get myself to animate the shit I've got written out. Thanks.

not bad

it was an alright animation... good music from the audio portal, but why would you want people to vote 0 on this? i didn't think it sucked.

numbers responds:

I wanted to win TOTW, but stupid douchebags took that spot. >:(

It was different :P

I love these random little dittys people make. Its better than making some cruddy wanna-be flash sci-fi fantasy rpg game / movie thing ... and it turns out to be scribbleys.

Anyhow ... I liked it, so I voted 5. Sorry. I can't just vote 0 for a submission that didn't suck.

numbers responds:

But it DOES suck, according to these douchebag of newground users!

Fucking douchebag. >:(

hmmm.... does he just sit there?

All i saw where the flickering of the candels i watched for about a minute and got bored sorry. But happy 16th.

numbers responds:

No, if you stop acting like you have anything else important to do (or else you wouldn't be on Newgrounds), you would see that there is indeed more to the story, douchebag.