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With only today and tomorrow remaining until Daily Day 2. We bring to you a few classic movies from the original series that really made the second series as much of a success as it has been.

Today's classics feature AubergineLock's first DailyToon, jetninjin's cat DailyToon, j00bie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Dogs and Threestar's Grocery Store.

PS Remove Zerostar's IP ban please lmao

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Well, from what I just saw is simply, nothing interesting, let's go through another one.

Pretty entertaining good random elements and great comedy

ThreeStar responds:

i cant believ sum1 is watchin this dumb ass video liek 30 years after it came out

((( OK )))

Well it was entertaining, but i think it lacked in detail and effects, just little things here and there, effects that make it standout more, but it was funny which gave me a good laugh or two...

More funny humor...

Funny randomness, but thats the best part of it...


The Daily2oons were always great. :)

I was never around on NG to witness the DailyToons, but I did witness the Daily2oons (second season, for those who don't know the difference). They were always good for a quick laughing jolt of humor. Keep working on these excellent little shorts. <3

Oh yes...

I do so love Jetninjin, who has the most eclectic approach to sound and animation, often showing exquisite yet simple tastes. Who could ever forget this cats on parade medley, a first-start offering of the everyday leading into a crescendoing and most bizarre cat fallout to ever grace Newgrounds. A profundity of cats awash in psychedelic nuances of color and sound, simply magnificent. With this splendid array, we mustn't overlook the work of J00bie who really does SevenStar justice with the TMNT style and the bombastic Hitler comedic relief. Lovely Daily2oons, too soon do they end.