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The last... new... daily 2oon.

Only a few days left until its allllll over. Enjoy.

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Well it was entertaining, i still think you need improvment on your silly but plain menu, but anyways nice animations with some good art detail in the backrounds, i liked the clips, just fix that menue silly people...


A few good clips with some nice use of color and animations...


Complete crap!

Nothing funny or interesting here.

Since the "season" is almost over, why don't you quit now and make something good?


P.S. The only good thing about Daily2oons were the menus... and now you've given up on making those properly too.

funny stuff!

I didn't get it about daily toons at first but I've about died laughing at some of the stuff you guys come up with. "Blues Clues", teenage mutant ninja octopus, and recently that happy birthday one - too funny. I think alot of these are just very creative and outrageously funny for what little effort it looks like went into them. I think some people just misunderstand the comedy aspect of it but I hope you keep making flash movies even if you guys stop making the daily toons stuff. You mentioned it'll be over soon. Is there going to be a new title for these or you ran out of space or got in trouble for these or what?

TheStarSyndicate responds:

We just end it after each season (100 episodes). We are ending our second season. Whether we are going to have a third will be decided later. Of course, we will definitely be making movies outside of Daily2oons. Some authors have already met a lot of success outside of Daily2oons.

Make more make more make more!

Make more so good yes sooo good with the one leg hoping and the sing guy with a 0 on top and the drawing that jumps!


So it's going to end soon... well, I can't say I'm happy about it, and the next statement is probably going to confuse you.

I do usually hate watching Daily toons, because most of the time, it's just an epileptic inducing background with some quickly drawn character on top, but from an objective point of view, I must say I enjoyed a few ones in the past, such as the emo parodies on Linkin Park music.

I've read your last response. You said that I had made tutorials on how to make sprite movies, while it was clearly trying to teach about spriting. Draw my own "damn" movies? If I draw my own sprites from scratch based on my own drawings, does that count? Also, I don't remember having insulted you, so don't.

I'm tired of writing to Daily Toons, so I'm glad this is soon going to be over. Please don't reply.

No hard feelings,
- NA

TheStarSyndicate responds:

because, of course, calling me a talentless hack isn't insulting.

And please. The shittiest drawings in the world look better pixelated.