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Massacre: Murder

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Author Comments


You ignorant sluts. Don't just write abusive reviews or I'll have free whistle points, you nerds.

UPDATE 2: I see an amount of people voting down on this movie. Well, I have to say that you must read the description below, you lazy men. Thank you.

UPDATE: For the last time, this movie is NOT a Madness tribute. It's just BASED ON MADNESS. I know I quite steal a few concepts of Madness, but I tried to make it the most original possible. Goddamnit.

This is the story of John River, a civilian from Spain, who after a little trouble in the store, he goes crazy and kills everyone on his seek.
Here, John meets evil people, like The Mime, or Himmler. He must hunt down the store's employee as quickly as possible.
I have to advise that this movie contains a few things like "swastikas" or so. If you're easily offended by that, then don't watch the movie, or even vote on it or review it.
This movie, also, is based on the Madness series, by Krinkels. See that it has the same color scheme.

4740 frames
25 fps
3-5 weeks of work

Enjoy the movie.

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nice movie, but put some normal music on it instead of that hardcore crap sheise sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiit oewkiee?


((( NEAT FLASH )))

I can understand why most people confuse this with madness stuff, and you probably know, the grey tones the circle heads, but yours are not exactly the same and have some decent design to them, it was actually an ok animation, just to much like madness, that and the fact its 4.5 megs which is never good, anyways nice work, abut different style of characters next time to avoid the confusion among newgrounders...

Different style characters, and compressing is needed >>> The Filesize was massive almost killed my machine, i use 56k and im sure alot of other users do aswell and something to think about when making really big flashworks and the filesize is that big think about the user abit as they might not beable to download as some people may be impatient, compress it abit or cut it down somehow but remember that alot of us use 56k...

Like madness but thats just the confusion, but really its a decent flash...


they dont know

The other reviewers {only bad reviews} dont kno what the hell theyre talking about. The movie rocked, the graphics were pretty slick. The only downside was the music and sound. Oh and the anti-nazi humor was a bonus. Keep up the good work and ignore those other assholes!


This movie is absolutley horrible. Not only is it a feeble attempt to copy Krinkles (God Bless Krinkles) but the music sucked, the animations were too slow, and everything was much faker than all other Combat/Massacre movies.
For example near the beginning when the guy who gets angry for not being able to buy beer, when he goes to the two cops in front of the escalator, he grabs the cop closest to him, then the other cop SHOOTS his colleague THREE times. I mean, sure he may miss the hero, but shooting the human (or what-the-fuck-ever that shit character was) shield THREE times seemed totally bullshit. (Think about it, if someone held a human hostage in front of you, and you have a gun, won't you NOT shoot?
Ugh, what ever. This shit needs to get blammed the hell out of.


Hey cool video but the only thing i didnt like was the end of cool

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2005
1:59 PM EDT