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FF1 vs FF7

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Aug 5, 2001 | 10:01 AM EDT

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Note: I don't hate FF7. I actually liked playing it. Just enjoy the movie and have a few laughs. Maybe I'll think of something else to write here later.

Note further: Saying that I "stole" the FF fight idea from SplashKhat is innacurate. Splash and I both came up with the idea independently and then met each other after finding out that we do similar work. I did a little fight in his upcoming movie FF:Epic and we discuss Flash techniques quite a bit. Sorry, you people spouting "idea theaef!1" are wrong.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

To all the FF7 haters out there...I join you

Final fantasy 7 was a good game for the time I played it and it was even the first one I played. Then it went to better ones final fantasy 8 and 9. I played almost all of the final fantasies wether it was advanced or not. I own the 1&2 combo for gba 4-gba 5&6 for playstation 7 was borrowed and never returned (not a loss if i must say so myself) 8 9 10 played 10-2 not eleven cause its pay and online and 12. Now the best out of here to me is 4-6 cause it is most defeinantly not about the graphics but the characters and storyline. I am glad that this movie was made and hope many many many others will be made to fight the power against the evil ff7 a good only good game that is overly credited

POWER TO THE FF7 HATERS AROUND THE WORLD!!! or atleast the people that hate the people that love ff7 that works too.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH, but you could of had the guy say ultima or some awesome spell like that

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I like it...

Personally i have played every single final fantasy with the exception of 11 cus i dont want to pay a monthly subscription and i feel that overall in terms of gameplay and character development i feel that ff7 was the best as you actually got the back details of all the charaters something very rarely seen in the newer final fantasies ...

However in terms of stroy and being involved in the game i preferred 8 so i feel that both these games are on an equal level as they each have their own strong and not so strong points the, the only reason why more people enjoy 7 is because it was their firt real final fantasy experience and they have not seen everything from the how things began and thus expect everything to be like 7, they are just retarded losers if they can not appreciate that 8 was on the same level if not slightly better than 7...

Furthermore recently we have seen a major decline in terms of the quality of our final fantasy games which i think is the reason for the possible re release 7 on PS3 just look at 12 and 10-2 they sucked ass although in terms of storyline they were OK and having played all final fantasies yes even tactics advance and gamecube one i feel that by far FF7 and FF8 are the best but 7 has far too much publicity and it takes way too long to get everything in it

In terms of the best main character i like 10 and optional character 7 (Vincent...) my fav. character of all time has to be Auron from 10 mainly because he is basically a power house easily capable of winning many a fight single handidly eg penance took 3 hours but i did only using Auron


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Well, message applies to some people...

I don't like ff7 because of the graphics. I hate when people say "Oh, the graphics are better on this then on that" (which I hear a lot with the next gen consoles) I just care about gameplay, and story line. Also, hate to say it, character move much more in ff7 then ff1. Though both games are good, they are still quite differant. The video wasnt so good, but I know it was for the message.

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Decaf-dragon2006 has a point there

FF7 may have been a great game and may mark the beginning of 3d-polugonal-free-environemental-moving or whatever, but if you think about it, it stills remain...........a game so, what I have to say to FF7 praisers is: Stop focusing on one game and try others. THERE ARE OTHER GAMES THAT ARE GREAT TOO like FF9 (that is my favorite game in the FF series) and FF10. Seriousely, what has gotten in the mind of u people? There is not only FF7 in this world y'konw...

Finally, MrMortisland, I thank you, making this movie and to all FF7 haters I say: Do not hate the game but HATE THE FF7 PRAISERS!!

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