Capture the Flag v1.1

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I have now released a later version of this game. Its not strickly a sequal but its fairly similar. Its called Total War so you can find that in my list of games.

This game has no AI so if you have noone to play against leave now. This game is an old project of mine that i never finished so i decided to put a few finishing touches on it and publish it, however its not as complete as i originaly intended. Some things that i would have liked in the games are sound, more levels, more weapons, AI, more than one player per side, and if i realy set my mind to it maybe even net play. If i get a lot of good feeback from it i may release another version with those things added but for now this is it. Enjoy.


love the idea

few things to put in the sequal: sound effects, maybe some music, lil bit better controls and maybe the ability to look down. but overall loved the idea


yeah I don't think there is any sound fx at all
fun game for sure
needs sound

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Fun little game, im not sure maybe its my machine but it had no sound/fx or even music, and the characters were really small, hard to see at times, i do like the option of being able to pick your level, it was a fun little game, just needs abit more stuff and some sound/fx...

Make the characters abit bigger, more props would be nice, and some sound/fx and music would also help...

Fun game nice options, but could use more to it aswell...


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Awesome game

This is one of the best games I've ever played, as long as you have friend with ya.
You should make a sequal with a one player mode and more levels, that would rock :D

keep up the awesome job!

Wickamafiz responds:

Just so you know I am in the middle of making a sequal but it will be a while before i release it. This time it has sound, more levels and most inportantly AI. Oh and also there are more modes than just Capture the Flag.

either you love it or you blam it...

i my friend luved it it was so simple yet sooooooo cool but i didnt like the color of the player like it didnt look good on them if you ask me but the whole game was cool dude it waS

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2.95 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2005
3:46 AM EDT
Action - Other