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Farewell Illwillpress

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Author Comments

I was shocked and dismayed to hear that Illwillpress has died. This is a simple flash movie, but it's an honest expression of how I felt about this. Illwillpress was a great person, and an inspiration to me and many others. May he rest in peace. Goodbye Jonathan, we will miss you...

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Lol good for a ha ha but i just got a e-mail today or last week that there was a new Ep. so there!!

No no no....

Yeah I don't think that he's dead because if you goto his website then you will see that theirs new episodes........

You Bastereds!

This was a memorial to a famous comidian who FUKIN DIED. DIED!!!!!!! He was an insperation and told told people how the world is and how it should be while keeping a funny overtone. For all you people who gave it a bad review, SUCK MY BALLS YOU DUCHE BAGS!!!

Three Headed ROFLAMO

u need better grphix + stuff
maybe a story line
and dont spread lies
maybe some original work?
bad sound
bad sense of humor
lame and lame and lame
could be funnier if yeah but not really

All right... I have much to say

First, before I state anything. I would like to make 2 things clear. I neither like or dislike illwillpress, nor do I claim to make any rude gestures or extravagant praises towards your work, but I do wish to express my thoughts as you did clearly in this flash. I respect your freedom to submit what you will, but I hope you have dignity to respect what I have to say.

1. I do believe that from the first moment you made the flash, you did not actually think that illwillpress (or Johnathon Mathers) is dead. In fact, you know that he is not dead, but you deliberately made this flash anyway. Why? Because I don't find eulogies to be a thing of humor, especially if you made this so somber like this. If you clearly and firmly stated that it's... I dunno a "joke" at the end at the last second, it would've skyrocketed the scores immediately.

2. I think you should've made this Farewell "Johnathon whatever his name is".

3. To make things more convincing, you should've added the state of death, the exact time, minute, and seconds (well... not THAT exact), and you should've added proof.

4. Instead of just floating pictures, I think you can add a few animations to it.

5. I neither find this to be abusive nor appraising. I find it so hilarious that I nearly laughed my head off, because the rumour was stomped out ages ago, and people still fall for it. I'm not laughing because of how stupid this flash is, but the viewers' gullibility. This is a stroke of genius, actually, but also pretty pathetic.

6. I neither enjoyed or disliked this film, but if you want to make something, I would appreciate honesty, even if it's a last-second statement. I understand that America's a free country, and so are most countries, with the exception of Communist Russia or something, but if we all go around blabbering lies the world would be in more chaos than now. I don't think we need that do we?

Thank you for your time in making this flash. I hope to see more of your work. As I reviewed politely, if you make a response, I also hope that you answer politely in the same way. Or you could throw insults and profane language at me, but as you are not illwillpress and you dislike him, are you going to sink so low as him?

Again, I neither like or dislike illwillpress. I am merely expressing an opinion. Don't shoot me.

tcygvbjh responds:

a three headed rolf

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
1:22 PM EDT